The visual representation of results is one of the biggest strengths of Midas NFX. Powerful post-processing tools enable easy visualization as well as extraction of results. Some of these tools have been listed below:

  • Contour Maps
  • Iso-Surfaces
  • Clipping Planes
  • Probe Tool
  • Tables
  • Graphs

Probe tool.

The probe tool let you efficiently vizualize the result you are interested at any node of the model, giving you detailed information about you analysis at any time.

Extract Results in Excel & Draw Graph.

Need to observe stresses in a few key positions? You can export results at any position into Excel, or you can plot XY graphs directly inside midas NFX.

No position of the model can hide from the « drag-and-drop » cutting plane. You can make an easy cut in seconds. Iso-surface directly tells you locations where stresses are higher than the allowable value.

3D PDF Report.

An FE Analysis is always incomplete if the reviewers are unable to interpret the data from the results. A descriptive and a comprehensive report is as essential as any other task that FEA involves.

midas NFX has the provision for automatic report generation. The reports include all the information related to the model, right from the geometry, to the result graphs and tables.

The automatic reports can be generated in MS-Word or 3D PDF format. The former can use default or custom templates, whereas the latter, is an interactive report with animated illustrations of the model in a 3D view.

> download a sample 3D PDF report

MS Word® Customizable Report.

What can be more boring than report writing, copy-pasting all the data and screen captures? This is the part where engineers lose most of the time! With NFX, you can define your own Word Template and automatize the process of data extraction and report creation.