Midas NFX offers a modern multiphysics work environment that enables engineers from different disciplines to analyze their design problems. The following analysis types are available in Midas NFX:

Structural Analysis: Linear Static, Modal, Linear Buckling, Transient Response (Direct & Modal), Frequency Response (Direct & Modal), Nonlinear Static, Nonlinear Quasi-Static, Random Analysis (Direct & Modal), Response Spectrum, Nonlinear Implicit Transient, Nonlinear Explicit Transient
Thermal Analysis: Nonlinear Heat Transfer (Steady & Transient), Linear Thermal Stress (Steady & Transient), Nonlinear Thermal Stress (Steady & Transient)
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Transient CFD, Steady State CFD

Parallel-processing: Midas NFX allows you to utilize the computing power of your hardware to its full potential by supporting multiple cores of your computer at no extra cost.

GPU-enabled computing: Use your computer graphical processing unit as a means to boost your computing power. Currently supported hardware included.

Using state-of-the-art algorithms that impart high-performance computability, the solvers available in Midas NFX provide fast, reliable and cost-efficient analysis, making NFX one of the best in its class.

The different solver types available in Midas NFX are:
Structural Analysis: Auto, Multifrontal, Dense, Algebraic Multi Grid (AMG)
Computational Fluid Dynamics: Iterative, Multifrontal