midas NFX offers multi-disciplinary analysis features, which cover structural analysis, CFD analysis and topology optimization.

For structural analysis, midas NFX provides total solutions to general analysis types such as linear, modal and heat transfer analysis, as well as advanced analysis features such as contact, nonlinear and explicit dynamic analysis.

CFD analysis allows comprehensive and accurate simulations of heat transfer and fluid flows, associated with the specialized functions such as moving mesh and free surface. Structural analysis can also be coupled with CFD simulations.

midasNFX - complete CAE solution

Linear & Nonlinear Static

  • Linear static analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Nonlinear Static & quasi-static analysis
  • Nonlinear sequential analysis

Linear & Nonlinear Dynamic

  • Modal Analysis
  • Linear Transient Response Analysis
  • Frequency Response Analysis
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Random Response Analysis
  • Nonlinear Transient Response Analysis
  • Dynamic¬†Sequential Analysis

Dynamic Analysis Features

  • Dynamic Loading
  • Element Deletion
  • Auto Time Step
  • Sequential Analysis
Modal analysis


  • Topology Optimization
  • Size Optimization
  • Design of Simulations (DoS)

Thermal & Heating Simulation

  • Heat Transfer Analysis
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Joule Heating Analysis
  • PCB model

Thermal Flow Coupled Analysis

  • Steady / Transient Analysis
  • Forced Convection
  • Natural Convection
  • Fan curve library and direct input

Multi-body Analysis

  • Static / Modal / Transient Multi-body analyses
  • Rigid and deformable bodies
  • Data tables, Probes and Diagrams
    from transient results and joint results.
  • 8 preset Joint types
  • User defined joint setup
  • Load types:
    • Load (forces and moments)
    • Motions (displacements and rotations)
    • Rigid body loads
  • Markers for directional and followers input
CFD analysis

Fluid Flow Analysis

  • Internal Flow Analysis
  • External Flow Analysis
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction 1-way / 2-way FSI
  • 13 turbulence models available
  • Results: Velocity, pressure, pressure gradient, density, viscosity, kinetic energy, wall shear stress, vorticity for turbulence

Advanced CFD capabilities

  • Particle Analysis
  • Species advections
  • Moving / deformable mesh
  • Moving Reference Frame (MRF)
  • Free-surface
  • 1D CFD pipe-element